Backupdoc's - Thyroid nodule application

Creating a patient centric tool to empower them with easy to understand medical grade information

About BackupDoc
BackUpDoc is an organization aimed at solving patient centric problems in interpreting the available algorithms of patient care directly to the patient. Their applications help the end consumer, by empowering him or her to be more involved in their own healthcare. This patient involvement is aimed at increased vigilance on the part of the major stakeholders, discouraging variation from the standard of care and leading to a more informed patient doctor relationship.

My Role:
Strategy | Research | Engagement leadership | Facilitation | Design and development

Lack of patient trust in doctors have been very common especially among the millennials. In most cases non adherence to clinical practice guidelines has led to medical errors that have resulted in more than 250,000 deaths. This is also the 3rd most common reason for deaths.

User need statement
"I am a patient who dislikes what my doctor says as I am always confused with the interpretation of results"

POV (Point of view) 
How might we create a patient centric tool to empower them with medical grade information that is easy to understand.

Create a patient centric tool to empower them with medical grade (but easy to understand) information

What better way than involving the patients  themselves?

Our tool will empower patients to hold more-informed conversations with their physicians OR Consult a doctor for second opinion

Empathy mapping

Competitor analysis
We analyzed many popular tools that are out in the market for public consumption but they all fell short of giving the patients a much easier interpretation of their condition that would help them understand better. Therefore our application would step in to bridge that gap to empower the patients.

Branding concepts and logo  
We started with a logo and some wireframes to set stage for the first version of the application.

Logos for thyroid nodule application

These wireframes were initially created to test the flow of the application among select millennial users and doctors.

PennAveEast community website - designs (homepage) 

First version of the app
We designed and developed the first version of the application that was used as a soft launch of the product to test the market. We also used this to pitch to a bunch of healthcare venture capitalists who were interested in investing in the company. The application has since received a lot of interest from the medical fraternity.

Application in action