High speed internet access and in room entertainment

Marriott - lobby and in-room entertainment

Marriott was on an expansion mission in Asia. This project was part of the globalization effort of Marriott platform and is specifically geared towards Japanese market. I was leading multiple global digital strategies, projects and teams when we embarked on this project, supporting a 3 year roadmap for emerging markets in BRICS, APAC, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. I am responsible for all aspects of creative development, oversee the creative process and make creative decisions and responsible for the integrity of strategic, functional and visual design solutions that are tied to Product line KPIs in particular and business in general.

My Role:
Information architecture, service design, usability testing, visual design, prototyping and production testing.


HSIA (High speed internet access) experience

Guests would have access to the branded welcome screen from where they can  connect to the internet. This included various tiers of internet access ranging from free limited access to high speed options.  

In room entertainment

Guests could connect to the in-room network and cast their favorite movies and shows on the tv. This included an interactive informational screen to enable easy in-room entertainment options

    Connecting your device